Submit for Publication

At Avalon Press we are always looking for fresh composers with new and interesting compositions. This is why we make the submission process so easy. Before you submit your work to us for consideration, however, it is best if you understand our requirements and the the process involved.

First of all we currently specialize in works for wind band and the small and medium ensembles resulting from that available instrumentation. We do not publish, nor do we market to, choirs or string ensembles. If you have compositions of that nature there are better publishers who specialize in those formats. Secondly, you should strive to use the band medium appropriately and not have it emulate a format it is not capable of. For instance, string ensembles are capable of extremely long unbroken melodies, whereas wind instruments must come up for air on occassion. And it is best if your work does not go far outside the bounds of currently accepted band instrumentation. For instance, the use of a piano would be fine, as most ensembles have access to one, but you probably shouldn't score an important solo for contra-bass saxophone.

Our time-frame for consideration of any submission is up to six months, due to the fact that our panel only meets twice a year—once in January and once in July. All considerations for publication are made at that time, and a limited number of selections are decided upon. Rarely do we publish more than six new works in a calendar year, as we strive for quality over quantity. And if you are used to writing to a formula, there are publishers who are looking for just that sort of thing—but it isn't us. We only want original works for wind band that are new, fresh and beautiful.

If you wish to submit a work for consideration, you may either send us an E-Mail with the file attached in either PDF, Finale, Sibelius, or MusicXML format--along with an mp3 of a performance.