Engraving Services

At Avalon Press we are interested not only in how the music will sound, but how it looks on the page as well. This is why we offer our engraving services to any composer—whether they publish with us or not. With our attention to detail, design experience, and quick turn-around time, you will have the finest looking output available in the shortest possible time.

Every musical work is unique, and every composer is (or should be) concerned with the overall look of their opus, so we at Avalon Press take great care in meeting the composer's exacting needs. And because every composition requires different techniques, it is impossible to have an all-inclusive price list for services. You can be sure that any company that attempts to do so is working from formula templates and styles, and may not be able to meet your needs.

There are, however, some general guidelines when it comes to pricing: Normally pricing is on a per-page basis, or, in the case of Finale users, there is the option of pricing by the active frame. This is the method that we prefer, due to its exact nature. Simply put, an active frame is any measure that contains music or text. An empty frame is one that contains a whole measure rest and nothing else. Therefore, we only charge you for the work we do, and not the number of pages we can fill up.

Like anything else requiring time and effort an estimate would have to be made regarding the actual work involved, as some projects require more setup than others. For an average piece of music without any special requests, though, our price is just 40¢ per active frame. This means the average band piece with 160 measures and 2200 non-whole measure rest active frames would cost around $440.00 to engrave. This service also includes a score and full set of parts in PDF format. Printed output in camera-ready form is available at a small extra charge.

To begin the process, simply go to our Contact page and supply us with as much information as you can. We will contact you to work out details and pricing.